Monday, 24 July 2017

Creative Pins!!

Today we learned all about the new pin charts we have in Piako Tahi.  The new charts are all about CREATIVITY and how we can show our teachers that we are being creative in all areas of the classroom.  We now know that being creative means:  Using our IMAGINATION, Thinking of new ideas and explain them to others, Doing different things with equipment and make changes to make things better...
Here are some of the CREATIVE things we came up with this afternoon.

 A HUGE marble track made by Nevaeh, Dominic and Jacob S  (What a team!!)

 Some beautiful art by Charlie on the table instead of on to paper, cool idea!!

 Maddy made a fabulous model of Toby using just the rods, how CREATIVE!!

 This castle was so cleverly made by Lakhdeep and Brooke, they even used the basket 
as part of their design.  Good thinking kids!!

 We LOVE the new Bunchems!!  Amon has made Earth and Mars with them, what a great idea!!

 Kento started making this fabulous house and then was kind enough to let others 
join him to finish it off.  You are so kind Kento, good job!!

 Tyler made this mowing tractor!!  He used red rods for wheels and the yellow rods on the side as the mowing parts.  Your IMAGINATION is fabulous Tyler!!

 Wow Sophia, your first day and you used your IMAGINATION to make a 
huge sun with the wooden sticks.  Awesome work!!

A HUGE farm with paddocks, animals and grass made 
by Holly P and Maddy.  Great teamwork girls!

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