Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Check out our Handwriting!

We are working really hard on forming our letters correctly in Piako Tahi at the moment. Today we had an extra long handwriting session where we focused on taking our time to write our letters properly. Afterwards in Miss Crowther's Writing group we did 'judging' where we looked at all the books and chose some handwriting that we liked. We all tried really hard and our handwriting is looking beautiful! 


Life Education Truck

We have been really lucky to have Tim and Harold the Giraffe come and visit us over the last two weeks.  They have taught us lots about our body and how to be a great friend.  We have laughed lots and enjoyed Harold's funny jokes!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Our Writing!

We have been writing some great stories lately in Piako Tahi! We are working hard to listen for sounds in the words we write, use our looking word cards and reread our story so we can make sure it makes sense!
Here is some of our Writing from today: 

Quinn did a great job of using the looking word card and rereading his story on his own. He even asked if he could write more!!

Oliver H didn't wait for the teacher to help him and stretched his words to hear lots of sounds! He also used a great hook to start his story! 

Amelia wrote her story without any help from the teacher today! She heard lots of sounds on her words and even used some describing words!



Tuesday, 14 February 2017

We love Maths!!

We are loving our Maths lessons at school!! Lots of us love showing off our clever counting and we are having fun learning how to add numbers together. 

Here are some pictures of Zac W, Amon and Oliver H having lots of fun learning how to use dice patterns to help them add numbers together. 


Writing Assistants!

In Mrs Best and Miss Crowther's writing groups we have writing assistants! 1 person from each group gets chosen each day to be the special helper for that day's writing time. They help make sure that everyone is doing their Must Do's and Can Do's correctly, and even choose someone who was really on task to be the writing assistant for the next day! 

Our first writing assistants today were Amon and Fai'ana, chosen because they are such great on task learners during writing time. Way to go guys!! 


Monday, 6 February 2017

Meet Toby!

This is our class teddy, Toby. Each day at school he watches for children that are doing the right thing at learning time. At the end of the day he chooses one lucky person to go home with for a sleepover! The lucky person then brings him back to school on the next school day.
We love hanging out with Toby already! 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Our first day of school!!

We had a great first day in Piako Tahi yesterday! We learned some new songs with Mr Pike, met our new class teddy, and tried out some of the learning activities for our Must Do's and Can Do's. 

Our teachers were pretty impressed with how well we did on our first day! :-)

Here are a few pictures of what we got upto: 

 Zac, Elliot and Shyloh learning a new literacy game

Christopher and Maddy loved the ice cream counting game! 

Kaito, Cruz and Jorja did some great counting at the cookie jar game! 

Kazma loved our counting and pegging games!